President’s Cup – Region IV Women and Region I Men come out on top and Region VI sends a full Women’s team for the first time

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Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 10, Issue 5, April 2009

Region IV Women’s team included Kathy Allen, Janet Mazzola, Ann Turner, Kelly Fischer, Tammy Simone, Sandra Odenbach, Chrissy Johnston, Lynn Thompson, Nancy Budde, and Lindy Ward

Region I Men’s was captained by Mike Cochrane and included Juan Arraya, Mark Ruppert, Ray Crosta, Mark Parsons, Drew Broderick, Guy Moore, Scott Slobin, Patricio Misitrano, Chris Fitzgerald, Brian O’Connor, and Mike Stern (not pictured at left)

Teaching pro Christi Hayes had arrived in Ross, CA from Pittsburgh in 2007 and had added energy to the program by starting a junior program and league play. By 2009 Region VI was able to send a full women’s team to the President’s Cup.