Chicago Charities – the stars descend

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Cystic Fibrosis Foundation was the biggest winner of all. The tournament brought in over $3,000 for the cause.

The stars of the platform tennis world descended into Chicago for the annual Chicago Charities tournament the first weekend of November. This tournament usually boasts one of the strongest men’s and women’s fields of any tournament after the Nationals. Last year, Hurricane Sandy laid waste to that claim, but this year the draw was back to its former stellar status. Many new combos were there to compete and the resurrection of some old partnerships created some pop.

The women began their play on Friday, and finished up just as the men’s round of 16 was shaking out. For the women, it was the story of the inexorable march to victory by National Champions Ana Brzova and Viki Stoklasova. This was their third title in three tournaments this fall and they did not lose a set in doing so. In fact, they won three matches, including the final, by the score of 6-1, 6-1. Finalists six-time National Champion Mary Doten and two-time Charities winner Jane McNitt could not dent the precision of Brzova and Stoklasova.

On the men’s side, the field was so deep that the top-seeded team and current National champs, Johan du Randt and Mark Parsons, lost in the quarter finals to Mike Cochrane and Scott Estes, back together after a hiatus of a few years. The round of 16 had some amazing match ups, including Cochrane and Estes against Alex Bancila and former National Champion Brian Uihlein. There were spins enough to make your head spin. Another super watchable match was du Randt and Parsons against eight-time National Champion Flip Goodspeed and Cincinnati pro Rob Bakker.

Showing their usual unflappable style, winners Drew Broderick and Chris Gambino worked steadily through the draw. They won their second Charities, after three straight years in the finals. Steve DeRose and Jon Lubow, former winners of the Charities, fought the good fight, losing 6-3, 7-5. This match is still available for viewing via the APTA website.

Live Scoring-sponsored by Wilson-and Live Streaming have become part of the fabric of the major APTA tournaments, especially in the Midwest. The Chicago Charities always offers stupendous paddle. This year was deep-dish delicious.

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Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 15, Issue 1 Sept./Oct. 2013