APTA Annual Business and Board Meetings

The Board had a busy agenda.

Paddle manufacturers A2Z (Kjeldsen’s company had acquired the assets of Marcraft), Wilson and The Paddle Co. were producing paddles for the upcoming season and these included a few prototypes which prompted some tweaking to paddle specifications as cited in the Minutes:

“a. approved a change to paddle length, so total length does not exceed 18″
b. eliminated the handle length/play length specification
c. retained 87 as the maximum number of holes
d. retained 3/8″ as the hole diameter
e. approved a change to the rim, so the rim may be flush or wrap around within limits noted in revision documentation (attached)
f. retained surface finish as “slight texturing” subject to further research (Bob and Charley will attempt to further define “slight texturing” using the sandpaper grit scale as a standard reference by 6-1-95)
g. retained surface as flat, not yellow

The Board reaffirmed its position that non sanctioned or sanctioned equipment modified by its owner cannot be used in ranking and National tournaments.”

Balls by Vittert, Marox and ARD where also a topic of discussion.

The Board started to look at a marketing plan as securing adequate tournament sponsorship was becoming an issue.