APTA Annual Business and Board Meetings

The Board Meeting had an extensive discussion on balls and developing a policy for use of balls in National Championships and Ranking Tournaments.

Hedstrom had made a proposal to the APTA regarding the growth and development of the game. The proposal generated quite a discussion as summarized in the Minutes:

Each Director was asked to comment on the proposal. Comments were: money (Passport) destroyed the camaraderie of the game; TV coverage doesn’t work; not enthusiastic about playing indoors; against paying a few top professionals; questioned ability to obtain sponsorship; concept of proposal was good, but it lacked substance. Alternate suggestions were: pay travel expenses for President’s Cup players; pay top professionals to hold clinics around the country; sponsor Pro-Am events in several regions; Seniors tour; target a program for B level players; Juniors clinics; and, target the club player.”