APTA Board Nominations – Tim McAvoy, Hendy Dayton, Amy Halstead, Fritz Odenbach and Aila Main

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Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 10, Issue 4, January, 2009

Tim McAvoy, a Phoenixville, PA, native, graduated from Penn State in 1980, worked 18 years with GlaxoSmithKline and the past 10 years with Marvin and Palmer Associates—an institutional money management firm.

Tim was introduced to platform tennis by his mother, 1992 Hall of Fame inductee Lucie Bel, and has been playing competitively since 1982. Tim has been a member of the Region III men’s President’s Cup team over the past 25 years and is a former Men’s 45 and Mixed Doubles National Champion, with John Adams and Diane Tucker, respectively.

Tim served on the APTA Board from 1999- 2006, was a founding member of the Platform Tennis Museum and Hall of Fame Foundation and currently serves on the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame Selection Committee. Tim also serves on the Philadelphia MAPTA Board.

Tim and his wife Nancy, have four children: Tom (20), Jen (18), Lindsay (16) and Wil (14) and three dogs. Tim is a Stage 4 Hodgkin’s cancer survivor and an active member in cancer-related support activities like Relay for Life. One of his core beliefs is that attitude is everything: “10% of life is what happens to you and 90% is how you choose to deal with it.”

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