APTA conditionally approves new publication, PTN Update; A. T Cross exclusive sponsor

PTNUpdate sponsorship
Letter from APTA President Charles Vasoll to Tournament Chairs noting the sponsorship of PTN Update by A. T. Cross as well as the need to provide PTN Update with tournament results.

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The Mid-Winter edition of Platform Tennis News carried this article:

“It has been conceived but it is not yet born. If it survives, it will be named ‘PTN UPDATE.’ Like so many publications similarly designated, its mission is to bring current news to everyone while it is still, well, current. In our situation, the principal news will be the results of tournaments around the nation, any schedule changes, and information on competition in various leagues. ‘PTN UPDATE’ will take the shape of a “newsletter’ while Platform Tennis News will move more towards being a ‘magazine.’ It is expected that the new publication will be four letter-size pages in length, with one page being reserved for addressing and advertising.

To minimize cost and expedite production, no pictures are planned. These will continue to be used in Platform Tennis News. At present, three issues are being considered. They would be mailed in mid-December, early February, and late March. The APTA Board of Directors approved the concept, but was wary of the cost. Since the speed of delivery is a most important element, first class postage is a major item of expense. At this time, an all out effort is being started to obtain an exclusive advertiser to assist with the funding. If your business, or some business that you know, would be interested in becoming the exclusive advertiser in ‘PTN Update,’ please contact the APTA office. If this “brain child” is to be born, we will need a sponsor.”

The newsletter added the following note:

“We have just received word that A. T. Cross, maker of fine writing instruments, has agreed to be the exclusive advertiser in ‘PTN UPDATE.’ First issue will be mailed in mid-December.” Brad Boss, an enthusiastic player in Rhode Island, was President of A. T. Cross.

Source: Platform Tennis News, Mid-Winter 1989