APTA has a silver trophy and the 1989 Nationals planning notebook stolen!

1989 Nationals Playbook contents
What the play-book contained

The APTA had asked Bob Brown, the 1989 Tournament Chair, to loan them his extensive notebook covering planning documents and records as they wanted to reproduce it for use as a guidance document for future events.

Brown had been involved in running the Nationals at Fox Meadow Tennis Club for many years and had developed a very detailed play-book. The book was handed over to the APTA at the May 19th Annual Meeting.

A week later Ginna Ohlmuller, the APTA Executive Secretary, called Brown to say that her car had been broken into and a silver trophy and the play-book had been stolen. Despite reporting the loss to the police they were never recovered.

Source: Robert A. Brown note dated 5/31/1989