APTA Pitches a Crown Tour of Platform Tennis to Seagram

The APTA Concept:

A Grand-Prix tour of Men’s and Women’s APTA sanctioned tournaments leading up to a Grand Prix playoff Championship. Players would earn points at each tournament during the season to become eligible to play in the Grand- Prix event at season’s end. Each tournament would have a purse with a larger purse to be apportioned at the Grand-Prix Championship. A “leader-board” would be posted at each tournament to show the current standings of the competing teams.

For the men’s tour, the number of qualifying tournaments might be as many as eight – for the women, as many as five. They might be selected from the following markets:
Chicago: November 5 & 6
Philadelphia: November 12 & 13
Cleveland: November 19 & 20
Boston: December 3 & 4
Rye: January 7 & 8
Short Hills, N.J.: January 21 & 22
New Canaan, Conn.: February 4 & 5
Washington: February 11 & 12

The proposed budget exceeded $250,000.