APTA President John Horine (1997-2004) bids adieu after 7 years at the helm

John Horine, APTA President 1998-2004
John Horine, APTA President 1998-2004
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Source: Platform Tennis News, Vol. 5, Issue 5, April, 2004

The following is an excerpt from John’s letter that appeared in Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 5, Issue 5

Dear Platform Tennis Fans,

Well, I guess this is it. My last letter “From the President” and the last of Wayne’s many calls saying “John, have you done your letter yet?”As I think back on my tenure on the Board and my sevenyear term as President, I remember all the people with whom I served and all the accomplishments we achieved. The website and the Platform Tennis Magazine are among the biggest legacies I am leaving behind. Thanks to Bill Cunningham for sharing the vision and helping design and host the early stages of the website. Thanks to David Kjeldsen and Viking for funding the site when the Board said it wasn’t worth the money. Once posted online, the Board saw the value of the web, our site and its possible benefits to our membership. We now have a sophisticated website, thanks to Pittsburgh’s Terri Gollinger, with access to almost anything one would want to know about platform tennis. [enlarge image to read complete letter]