APTA President Tim McAvoy on planning for the 2010 Nationals

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Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 11, Issue 5, April, 2010

Planning for the 2010 APTA Men’s and Women’s Nationals began April 20, 2009 and culminated with the four day event taking place March 4-7th, 2010.

With Waynesborough Country Club as the host facility, our vision was to change the format of the evening parties and host the men and women on Friday night, instead of Saturday, and offer a “Come as you are” party on Saturday evening, to allow players and spectators to watch the men’s quarter final play, with beer flowing and a BBQ grille serving up chicken and burgers through the night.

We were rewarded by the tremendous turnout for the Friday night party (over 400 players/volunteers attended) as well as for the Saturday night men’s quarter final play (close to 400 players/spectators came to watch). [enlarge image to read full letter]