APTA Volunteer of the Month – Barry Snyder

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Many years ago, a young Delaware lawyer, Barry Snyder, made a discovery far more momentous than any legal writ: Paddle is a lot more fun than most racquet sports. “I was in my 20′s when I played my first platform tennis tournament,” Snyder explained. “I was used to tennis events where, because I wasn’t very good, I would quickly lose my first match and head home. There were no parties, and there was no socializing.”

But in paddle, he found a sport with tournaments that guaranteed at least three matches, and at which adult beverages were expected to be quaffed after matches, sometimes between matches, and on occasion, during matches. He was hooked. Paddle became a sport that eventually sparked his favorite mantra: “Play paddle! Have fun!” It now adorns a license plate on his car.

Every paddle area has its Mr. or Mrs. Paddle – many of whom have been celebrated on this page. He or she is a tireless veteran who has spent years doing the underappreciated work of organizing events and becoming the “face” of that paddle scene. Great leagues are cemented by such people. Snyder is cut from a slightly different cloth. His greatest impact is as the behind-the-scenes guy who motivates others and doesn’t worry about getting credit. Snyder is more interested in maintaining the traditions, history, and unique spirit of the game than in seeing his name at the top of the draw sheets….[Read more - click on image]

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 15, Issue 3 Jan/Feb 2014