Bob Brown finally retires from APTA service – this time as Chair of the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee

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There are certain names in the platform tennis world that everyone recognizes. Bob Brown is one. His staying power is impressive—the oldest player to win a National title—but it is his ability to foster growth and change in the sport that is just as impressive. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1993 but has been accruing so many titles since then he may need to be inducted again. But just as impressive as his 21 gold and 18 silver National Championship medals is his service and commitment to the game.

Brown has always been affiliated with the sport and the APTA in one way or another since he started playing over 40 years ago. His time as the Chair of the APTA Hall of Fame Committee and the Platform Tennis Museum and Hall of Fame is worth noting. All told, Brown has been at the helm of the committee for 20 years total. He spent ten years as the Chair of the Honor Award Committee. The Honor Award became the Hall of Fame Award in 1996, at Brown’s suggestion. There was a period when neither award was active, but the Hall of Fame Committee remedied that, by inducting a group of deserving nominees at one time. Brown was a great proponent of this movement. Under his chairmanship, 46 individuals (of a total of 79) have been inducted into the Hall of Fame…..[click image to read more]

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 15, Issue 1 Sept./Oct. 2013