Chicago…. The future of platform Tennis?

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Wayne Dollard, PTM editor in Vol 6, Issue 3 reported:

For each of the past six years, ! have spent my birthday weekend at the Chicago Charities tournment. There are few places I’d rather be. Thi Midwest hospitality offered by our Chicago friends is matched only by their enthusiasm for the sport. And there is no other place in the country experiencing the growth rate that we are now seeing in Region V.

Six years ago, 90% of the APTA’s membership came from the East Coast; today that number is less than 50% The change is not due to an eastern decline, but rather a western expansion. Of the 7,500 APTA members, 30% are from Chicago and 52% overall are from the Midwest.

Source: From the Editor, Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 6, Issue, 3, December, 2004