“Code of Conduct For Platform Tennis Players” established

Responding to the occasional “bad apple in the bushel,” the APTA released a statement that describes the expected conduct of competitors in its tournaments and the penalties that may be enforced against violators.

The “Code of Conduct for Platform Tennis Players” below appeared in the Tournament Schedule as “a constant reminder to participants of what is expected of them when they enter sanctioned events.”

Players shall not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct. At no time, but especially during the course of a match, shall a player engage in:

a) verbal or physical abuse of any persons connected with the game or spectators;

b) use of visible or audible profanity;

c) mistreatment of the equipment, the court or its fixtures;

d) behavior that reflects a failure to accept the decisions of officials and/or disregard for the rules and spirit of the game.

Any official or player may report conduct considered improper on the part of a player to the Tournament Director and/or the office of the American Platform Tennis Association for investigation by its Conduct Review Committee. The Committee shall report its findings to the Board of Directors of the Association, which will assess penalties as it deems appropriate.

The penalties may range from refusal to accept an individual’s or team entry in a future tournament at the same venue, to suspension from sanctioned tournaments for 12 months.

Source: Platform Tennis News, Summer 1995