College Platform Tennis – Chris Kelley reports

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Source: Chris Kelley, Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 11, Issue 4, March, 2010

Georgetown University – After eight years of playing paddle and three years of passionately promoting college platform tennis I offer some observations, advice, and optimism for the future of the sport at the college level. There has been a lot of talk about college platform tennis and, I’m pleased to say, something to show for it too.

At Yale University, Kate Macauley (Yale ’11) and Rob Coster (APTA College Program Chair) have done a great job securing two courts at a nearby country club, getting support from local players and enthusiasts, and holding weekly events for Yalies. After two years in the making, Yale Platform Tennis Club has 30 students of all abilities on the roster, and about ten players who play each week. Kate has been successful by recruiting Yale friends to play and has grown interest through club fair events at school. [enlarge image to read full report]