Concrete court decks? Why not says David Dodge of Premier Platform Tennis

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A few years back, David Dodge of Premier Platform Tennis built two concrete grade-level courts at Ocean Pines, Maryland. The warmer climate sees little snow and therefore the necessity of a conventional deck was absent.

A few months ago, Dodge and Bullet Brown (Bulletworks Platform Tennis) completed two more courts at Ocean Pines.

The courts – not yet approved by the APTA – were not painted, except for the red lines. A broom finish was applied to the court for better footing. So what is the post installation verdict?

Resident players claim:

• The broom-finish provides very good footing and is considerably easier on the knees and ankles.

• The non-painted court is much brighter under the lights.

• The non-painted surface initially saves $3,000 per court and $2,500 every few years thereafter.

• Pitching the courts just two inches from the net to either end works well to drain rainfall by gravity compared to a level deck.

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 8, Issue 3, January, 2007