G. Estabrook Kindred, APTA Treasurer, Umpires Committee founder, and the editor of APTA’s first newsletter for many years (1930-2006)


Brook Kindred died on January 7, 2006 after a long and brave battle with cancer.

He had the distinction of having served the cause of platform tennis for more years than practically any other living individual. Dating back to the early 1960′s he was a tireless, unselfish and dedicated contributor to the support and promotion of the game.

He was elected to the APTA Board in the early 1960′s and served on the Board for 16 years. He was Treasurer, Tournament Director, and single- handedly produced the Newsletter for many of those years. He also served on many National Championship committees and was the Tournament Chairman of the 1968 Men’s Nationals.

He was instrumental in the formation and administration of the APTA Umpires Committee in the 1970′s, and although that activity no longer formally exists, he still continued to go far and wide to officiate at APTA Championships and other sanctioned events, no matter what the weather.

When the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame activity was inaugurated in 1965, Brook was the driving force in getting this underway, and designed the jackets and charms that are awarded to inductees. He served on the Hall of Fame Committee from its inception until his death, and authored the majority of induction speeches for the sixty individuals who have been inducted to date. In a fitting recognition of his contributions to the game, in the fall of 2005 he was honored by the APTA Board of Directors by his election into the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame.

Brook Kindred was a special person, a provider of wisdom, a person of good judgment, and a “do-er”. He will be sorely missed.

Source: Robert A. Brown, Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 7, Issue 4, February, 2006