Inaugural Hudson River Invitational

The First Annual Hudson River Invitational, held in March, was an example of a new concept in club paddle competition, one that served as a model for other clubs interested in promoting tournament play.

The Sleepy Hollow Country Club hosted eight men’s teams from each of eight neighboring clubs. Utilizing over 20 courts in the Hudson River Valley, the 64-team draw played main draw, consolation, consolation reprieve and championship reprieve matches. This enabled each team to play a minimum of three matches. Each team got a single point for each match won in any of the four tournaments.

The dinner dance that followed the tournament featured the Dixie-land music of APTA Board member Bob Kingsbury and his band.

The day’s events were an enormous success and, according to Chairman Richard Lombard, helped a great deal to promote tournament play in the Hudson River Valley.

Source: Paddle Talk, Vol. 2 No. 5