International Tournaments – First British and European Opens

British Open International Platform Tennis Tournament – February 3, 4, 5.

An invitation International Tournament under the joint auspices of the International Platform Tennis Association and the BPTA, to be held at Silvermere Country Club, Redhill Road, Cobham, Surrey. Sponsored by Racquet Sports International Limited. Teams from the United States, Holland and the United Kingdom.

The First European Open Championships – February 10, 11, 12.

Hapert, Holland, the site of last year’s Dutch Open Championships. Sponsored by Bellfires Corporation and its President, Nico de Wal. Teams from the United States, United Kingdom and Holland.

Program and Drawsheets

British National Platform Tennis Championships

Sponsored by En-tout-cas Limited, it involved regional competitions at a number of centers for all entrants, culminating in a National Final for regional winners. Men’s, women’s and mixed tournaments.

Source: Paddle Talk, Vol.3 No. 3 (January)