Mark Holtschneider on John Horine’s tenure as APTA President

Mark Holtschneider summed up Horine’s many accomplishments over 11 years of service.

In 1993, John Horine joined the APTA Board of Directors. In 1997, he became the President. This May, John’s term ends and he leaves the APTA as its longest serving President. He also leaves as one of its best.

Great progress was made during John’s tenure as President:
• The APTA’s internet site was created. The website allows members instant access to all tournaments, applications, rules, and other information, including on-line membership sign up.

• Platform Tennis News was replaced with Platform Tennis Magazine. The former newsletter was in black and white and focused primarily on tournament results. The new full-color, 32-page magazine includes tournament results, but is focused on instruction and player feature articles.

• The Professional Platform Tennis Association was created. This organization provides teacher certification and has united teaching professionals.

• The Platform Tennis Hall of Fame Foundation was created. The goal of the Foundation is to build a permanent home for platform tennis memorabilia and dedications to the members of the Hall of Fame.

• APTA membership grew from 3,500 to 8,300. Many leagues have joined the APTA and thus many players have become APTA members for the first time.

• The let rule was deleted. The NCAA plays tennis without the let rule and one day the rest of the tennis world may follow. The APTA was out front on this one.

• Numerous new national tournaments were added, including the Women’s 60+, the Men’s 70+, 75+ and 145+, the mixed masters, the husband-wife, seven new junior tournaments, and the Viking Cup.

• The APTA bylaws were amended to place term limits on directors. This amendment assured that the APTA will always have fresh ideas and energy to continue to grow the game.

• John hired two Executive Directors (Carolyn Tierney and Marjorie Hodson), got us through two deficits, moved the office, and left the APTA with a sufficient cash reserve to continue to operate normally.

In addition to being a great President, John is a great husband, father, businessman, and friend. Despite all the time he has put into the APTA, John always had time for his family and friends. John is also a great competitor and player. He has won numerous Region III tournaments and has played on championship President’s Cup teams.

The APTA will miss John and we thank him for his hard work and contributions.

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 5, Issue 5, April, 2004