Player Profile: Patty Hogan

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She says that she’s 5′ tall wearing new shoes on a good day. Stating that “size doesn’t always matter,” Patty Hogan is a six-time National Champion who has proven year after year that mental prowess is more important in platform tennis than physical size.

Born 42 years ago in New Providence, New Jersey, Patty’s early platform tennis mentors included Hank Irvine and Wendy Chase. Today, Patty is the mentor for hundreds of adults and juniors across the country. The achievements I’m most proud of are the 17 Junior National Champions I have taught to play our sport,” Patty said. She added, “I am also extremely thankful to the Beacon Hill Club for giving me the freedom and flexibility I need to do my job to the best of my ability.”

Over the years, Patty has had record-breaking seasons with many of the best women to play the game. “My best season was the winter of 98′-99′ when I played with my friend and long-time partner, Cindy Prendergast.” Patty concluded, That season, we went undefeated straight through our last match in the Nationals.” No other women’s team in recent history has repeated this feat.

Arguably the best current player in women’s platform tennis, Patty is as much a contributor as a taker. Her other numerous undertakings include: Beacon Hill -Director of Racquet Sports, Junior Nationals Chairperson, PTM Instructional Staff Supervisor, PPTA Testing Professional, Viking Cup Event Coordinator, and Player’s Committee Representative for the APTA.

Patty is planning on playing the 02′-03′ season with Hilary Debbs. In the meantime, she is working her way toward becoming a scratch golfer. Patty exclaimed, “I just shot my first 80! It’s not the same as a National Championship, but it sure feels good too.”

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 4 Issue 1, September 2002