PPTA adds 24 Pros in Chicago and Philadelphia

The PPTA had a very busy fall certifying teaching professionals from all around the “paddle” world. Hank Irvine and Bob Callaway had the opportunity to go to Rich Maier’s world on the north side of Chicago and join him in a two-day certification marathon. Fifteen pros were tested thanks to Scott Bondurant, who recruited many prominent pros from the north shore area. Among the pros who went through the certification process were former national champion Scott Mansager and the current women’s national champions, Mary Doten and Susie Keane.

While Hank and Bob were in Chicago, Gerri Viant, Patty Hogan and Paul Quinn went to Philadelphia and conducted certification exams for nine pros from the Middle States area.

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 5, Issue 3, January 2004