Men’s President’s Cup competition inaugurated – Region IV emerged on top

The Hertz/APTA publication Off the Wires covered the event

The top 20 “weekend player” teams from the APTA’s four regions gathered at the Montclair Golf Club in New Jersey on April 1 and 2 to compete in the first Presidents’ Cup Championship.

The format was a round robin, with teams positioned one through five in each region playing comparable teams from every other region. Each victory was worth one point toward the region’s total score.

Region IV (Mid-West and West) captured the first President’s Cup with a resounding record of 13 wins and 2 losses. Region III (Mid-Atlantic and South) finished second.

While the competitive play provided the focal point of the tournament, the social aspects were equally important. A genuine team spirit developed among the players from each region.

They scouted the opposition for each other, practiced between matches, and shouted encouragement to teammates during lengthy matches. The dinner dance on Saturday evening was rated a fabulous musical and sensory success by the 150 players and wives, former APTA Presidents, and Hertz Corporation executives in attendance.

Source: Paddle Talk, Vol. 3 No. 6 (July-June)