Progress at the Platform Tennis Museum and Hall of Fame

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Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 11, Issue 4, March, 2010

Although the platform tennis season is winding down, the full flame is still burning at the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame Museum. Another year has passed, and while progress has been slow, there continues to be good progress toward the realization of the dream of a “bricks and mortar” home for display of the memorabilia of the sport and a place to honor those elected to its Hall of Fame.

The Foundation’s Chairman, Bob Brown, and Museum Curator, Jim McCready, have worked with museum consultant Ed Puches to develop a model of a display case featuring the 1970′s decade. It is pictured below. Mr. Puches of Irvington, NY has developed projects at Harvard University and IBM. Eight similar display cases will be included in the museum to highlight other decades since the sport’s invention in 1928. A great deal of the memorabilia has been collected, but more is still welcomed by the Committee. [enlarge image to read more]