PTM celebrates The Women of Winter

PTM Editor Wayne Dollard had these observations:

This issue is a tribute to women and their changing role in platform tennis. When I first jumped on the tournament scene in 1997, I was amazed at the talent level among the top women players. As a newcomer to tournaments, it helped me to improve by watching their form, technique, preparation, and intensity. Gerri Viant showed me the ready position I use today. Patty Hogan drilled a steady and more compact volley out of me. And Sue Aery taught me that consistent groundstrokes are more valuable than powerful ones.

Looking back through the pages of paddle history, women such as Charlotte Lee, Hilary Hilton, and Robin Fulton have also added so much to the sport. Powerful one- handed backhands, backflips off the screens, blitzing the net, and more. These women showed the paddle community that they could do it all. The women of yesterday can still compete (and win) against today’s younger generation. As a matter of fact, eight of the top 18 women ranked in the 2003 APTA Women’s Open Division were also ranked in the APTA Women’s 40+ Division.

Today, younger players such as Lauren Zink, Sally Cottingham, and Chris Sheldon offer tremendous power and consistent groundstrokes while veterans Patty Hogan,
Bobo Delaney, and Tonia Mangan counter with near-perfect volleys. Then there are players such as Gerri Viant and Mary Doten who offer all-around consistency and make for outstanding deuce-court players. And let’s not forget the APTA Women’s Ranking Champions, Kerri Delmonico and Shelley Morse, who demonstrated best all-around play over the 2002-2003 season. Kerri is matched only by Hilary Debbs as being the most colorful player on tour. Last but now least, when looking for talent, look to the future with Susie Mascarin-Keane – formerly a top world-ranked tennis player and 2003 APTA Women’s Open National Champion (with Mary Doten).
Legends retire and new ones are made. That’s how it’s always been and how it will always be. In the past, platform tennis has had its share of colorful and talented women, however, the future is safe and secure with The Women of Today.

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 5, Issue 2, November, 2003