Symposium at Fox Meadow on improving platform tennis programs

Platform Tennis News covered the event
Platform Tennis News covered the event

Twenty-seven club Chairmen from as far as Wyoming attended the program hosted by R.J. Reilly Platform Tennis Courts at Fox Meadow Tennis Club.

Platform Tennis News covered the day’s proceedings.

“Early in October, a dedicated and enthusiastic group of twenty-seven club chairmen came together from as far away as Wyoming and as close as the Fox Meadow Tennis Club, which donated its facilities for the event to its host, the R.J. Reilly Platform Tennis Courts.

They gathered to learn from one another and from expert discussion leaders about improving their programs. Kicking off the day’s activities, the attendees heard from Bob Callaway who pioneered a commercial paddle center in Norwalk, Connecticut almost two decades ago and Dick Reilly, an APTA honor award recipient and builder of courts, who sponsored the event.

Greg Moore and Buddy Scudder led a discussion group covering ‘How to Attract New Members/Players,’ “How to Keep Members Involved,’ ‘Upgrading Playing Skills,’ and the ‘Use of a Teaching Pro.’ Bob Callaway and Mike Gillespie spoke about ‘Clinics/Exhibitions,’ ‘League Play,’ and ‘Junior Play.’ ‘Club Tournaments,’ ‘Social Events,’ and ‘Making It Enjoyable’ were topics discussed in a round table led by Patti Hogan.

‘Maintaining and Updating Your Facility,’ ‘Warming Huts,’ and ‘Clothing and Equipment’ were featured interests in the group led by Dick Reilly. Notes taken by a designated recorder at each discussion group were compiled by Kathy Reilly and sent to all the participants for their use. Following the educational portion of the program, the club chairmen were partnered with one of 12 National Champions and other high-ranking players in a ‘Tournament with the Champions.’

Bertan Cikigil, tennis pro at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club, was the tournament director and devised a format he called ‘The Equalizer’ to keep the action close (Note 1).

Champions and Club Chairpersons were rotated so that everyone had an opportunity to play with and against a variety of players. He also provided a Red Bull’s Eye contest in which a point was automatically won if the opponent’s legal shot hit the 3′x4′ target hung on the screen before it could be fended off.

Marcraft Recreation supported the event by providing new Force paddles for the winning prizes, and ARD (Advanced Recreation Design) provided its balls for the competition.”

Note 1: See the “Hot Off The Wire” column in the Platform Tennis News, Mid-Winter 1992 edition for more details.

Source: Platform Tennis News, Mid-Winter 1992