The game comes to Montana courtesy of Richard J Reilly, Jr

Historical Factoid: The West is now in today's Region VI but it was a tortuous journey. The APTA established Regions in 1976 and at the time Region IV covered the Mid-West to the West Coast. Around 1978/79 Region V was created to cover the Far-West. In 1983 Region VI was established, covering lower Ontario and western New York. Finally, in 1989 the APTA reorganized Region boundaries and created a new Region V (Mid-Western States) from the former Region IV and the Western and Far West States were designated as Region VI

In 1993, court builder Dick Reilly (Hall of Fame 1974) moved west to Montana, put up a court, and ran a small tournament. Moving to another Montana location, the town of Eureka, Reilly erected two courts and brought out professional Hank Irvine (Hall of Fame 1995) to run a paddle camp each fall. Partly because there was little else for campers to do in their off hours in Eureka, Reilly moved the camp to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where it continues. Initially, three courts were erected on a tennis court on a dude ranch to house the camp. After a year, the camp was moved to its present location on courts at the Snow King Resort.

At one of the camps, Reilly, Irvine, and Gary Horvath talked about the need to re-institute an organization for teaching professionals. The trio produced the conceptual foundation for establishing the USA Professional Platform Tennis Association (PPTA).