The game expands in Colorado and in Germany

Mike Dougherty reported from Colorado and Eric Stern from Gaeufelden, Germany.

Letter to Chuck Vasoll from Mike Dougherty:

Things are moving forward on the paddle front out here (Colorado). I’ve placed a couple of ads for platform tennis courts, adult leagues and have a junior program January 24th at the Boulder courts. Viking is donating eight junior paddles. We hope to run 96 Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other area youth……”

Letter from Eric Stern to Carolyn Tierney:

“Dear Carolyn:
My father, Harold Stern, has successfully installed the first two R.J. Reilly aluminum platform tennis courts in Gaeufelden, Germany. At the opening in 1996, we had some of the top U.S. players showing us how the game is being played on beginners’ and competitive levels.

George Zink did a terrific job in demonstrating this new sport. His enthusiasm infected a lot of players in our tennis club. For myself, I was always a fan of this sport ever since I played it during a visit in Sommers, N.Y. where my parents lived over a period of four years…….”

Source: Platform Tennis News, Mid-Winter 1997