Viking Kids Day – Viking continues to build the game through junior participation

Viking Athletics announced Viking Kids’ Day 2003 would take place Friday, October 31st at the Chicago Charities Platform Tennis Tournament.

Dave Ohlmuller, National Sales Manager, Viking Athletics had this to say:

“Viking Kids’ Day is going to be a wonderful experience for all the kids that participate in the event. We are thrilled to have such incredible support from the top regional and national teaching professionals and top ranked players for this event. The extent of the player commitment is a testament to what a worthwhile experience Kids’ Day is going to be for the participants. The kids will have the opportunity to receive instruction from many of the top instructors and players in the game of platform tennis.”

The following Viking Professionals and top players committed to participate in the Viking Kids’ Day:

Mike Rahaley, Mike Marino, Tim Mangan, John Milbank, Scott Mansager, Mary Doten, Lauren Zink, Marina Ohlmuller, Flip Goodspeed, Chris Gambino, Greg Stipa, George Zink.

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 5, Issue 1, September, 2003