Warming “Huts” keep evolving – from trailers to mansions and an important part of the camaraderie of the game

There’s a growing trend in paddle that is helping to make the sport hotter than ever.. or at least warmer than ever. Today’s warming huts are elegant, multifunctional structures with expansive social spaces both indoors and out that offer full kitchens, bathrooms and more. In fact, the term “hut” no longer does these buildings justice.

A force behind many of these new and improved huts is Chris Casiraghi, President of Reilly Green Mountain Platform Tennis. Most know the firm for their 45+ year history and innovation building of platform tennis courts; yet, they have expanded their offerings to meet the changing needs of their clients. ‘We have definitely seen a shift in what our clients are asking for when it comes to warming huts,” Casiraghi explained. “More than a decade ago, Reilly Green Mountain built (for the most part) modest warming huts. Today we are asked to build state-of-the-sport, useful buildings to sit alongside our platform tennis courts.”

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 7, Issue 3, January, 2006