Washington Post reports on “New Sport”

"Platform Tennis New Sport," Washington Post, March 31, 1950

“A new sport is making inroads in the Washington area, where less-than-perfect weather half the year has always been a bugbear to tennis fans. The importation, platform paddle tennis, is played on a slightly raised wooden platform that drains and dries in a jiffy after rain or snow.

Several of these all-weather courts are already up and in use in the environs. The Herbert (Pete) Scovilles, Jr., of Ten Oaks, at Langley, and the Edward F. Hamms, Jr. of Rocky Run, McLean, are among the sponsors here. The Scovilles recently had their platform trucked down to Virginia from their place at Taconic, Connecticut, where they have used it for many years. The Hamms brought their court three months ago.* These couples invite neighbors to play every weekend. Probably no one should own a court who isn’t sociable. Friends learn to play easily and love the game so much that they keep reappearing. The shorter paddle or racquet makes hitting the ball easier than hitting with a tennis racquet, which adds to the game’s popularity with all comers.”

Source: Washington Post, March 31, 1950