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Horine, John

Hall of Fame Induction: 2017

Horine, a native of Ruxton, Maryland, was a transformational leader of the APTA during his highly successful seven-year tenure as APTA President from 1997-2004 (the longest tenure on record). As the first APTA President from outside the New York/New Jersey area, John led a turnaround of the APTA from an inward-looking organization focused primarily on tournaments to an outward-looking organization focused on growth initiatives, communications, media/technology, education, outreach and fiscal health.

During Horine’s tenure, the APTA implemented many important changes that have had a major impact on the direction and growth of the game. He returned the APTA to financial stability and launched many important initiatives including creating the APTA Website, launching Platform Tennis Magazine, pulling in the independent leagues under the APTA umbrella, leading the creation of the Hall of Fame Museum & Foundation, forming the Professional Platform Tennis Association, and helping to grow the APTA membership from 3,500 to 8,000. A quiet leader who would downplay his accomplishments, Horine’s huge impact on the game is admired and worthy of this great honor.