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Mangan, Nancy

(DOB - 2012)

Honor Award Induction: 1992
Hall of Fame Induction: 1996

Nancy Mangan’s service to the game was legendary and spanned decades of teaching, promoting junior play, serving as president of the New Jersey Women’s league, and assisting the APTA Women’s Tour director. She won a number of New Jersey State mixed tournaments and the Women’s 50+ in 1981.(Short Hills Club).

Mangan caught the paddle bug at the Short Hills Club in 1964 and rose from novice to club champion. She was a three-time New Jersey Mixed champion, a Princeton, NJ, Mixed champion, and a finalist in the National Mixed in 1976, all with Hank Irvine; Women’s Nationals 50+ champion with Cindy Adams in 1981; and, with Barbara Greer, held a number seven national ranking.

Her career of service to the game spanned decades, and included teaching paddle throughout New Jersey and acting as President of the New Jersey Women’s League, the largest in the country. She worked with Buffy Briggs, director of the Women’s Tour, as her assistant director for, in her own words, “too many years” to count, and was a major force in junior programs and tournaments.

Mangan’s service on the APTA board was legendary. Beginning in the 1970s and through the 1990s, she demonstrated a level of dedication and caring that few have equaled. She taught the youngsters, ran tournaments, directed APTA programs and played our game.