Photograph: A Reilly court. In 1967 the cost for a well constructed court was around $6,000 - $6,500.

Identifier: Reilly Court.jpg
Era: The Evolution
Description: Features of a Reilly Court: The use of thirty-foot, kiln-dried deck members, joining under the net, making the playing surface as technically perfect as is possible. A two-toned, green and red deck surface on which the white lines were two inches in width. This aided the players' vision and promoted greater accuracy in a fast- aced rally. Hinged snow-boards which facilitated rapid clearing of the court. Quartz-iodine lighting for night play. The use of one-inch, hexangular, galvanized mesh with a gauge of sixteen, producing a truer rebound from the wire. Two-inch pipes in two-and-one-half-inch collars for the net posts making them removable so that the court could be put to other use.

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