Newspaper Article: Mrs. Wasch Team Wins U.S. Net Crown (Reporter Dispatch), Mrs. Wasch Duo Wins (NYT), Mrs. Deland and Mrs. Wasch Win U. S. Women'n (sic) Title - coverage of 1962 Women's Nationals at Fox Meadow

Identifier: Women's Nationals 1962.pdf
Date: February 1 1962
Era: The Evolution
Description: Three articles on 1962 Women's Nationals won by Susan Wasch (daughter of Madge Beck)and Do Deland (daughter of James Cogswell). Venue was Fox Meadow Tennis Club, Scarsdale, NY

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Theodora "Do" Cogswell Deland (is related to)
Susie Harris (is related to)
Carolyn Nelson (is related to)

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