Photograph: As part of its centennial celebration, the Club honored thirty-seven members who were winners of APTA titles and also the founders of paddle.

Identifier: FMC051.jpg
Era: The Growth
Description: From front, L to R, are winners or their representatives: Forest Carver, Louise Raymond, Babs Price Naylor, Ted and Madge Beck, Killy Kilmarx, Sally Auxford, Do Deland, Susie Wasch, Molly Ware, George Harrison, John Ware, Ruthie Chalmers, Laurie Nelson Ackermann, Zan Carver, Jr., Lois and Dick Hebard, Walter Close, Berkeley Johnson, Jr., Ed Raymond, Bob Brown, Ann Brown, Laura Parker, Jim Carlisle, Bob and Ollie Kingsbury, Bill Koegel, George Schmid, Marie Walker Plant, and Peter Moore.

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