Tournament: 2014 Husband-Wife Open

Identifier: 2852
Division/Event: Husband-Wife
Date: 2014
Scores: 6-4, 7-5
Description: Held March 21, 2014, the day before the Mixed National Championships

Related People

Dana Parsons (winner)
Mark Parsons (winner)
Alison Morgan (finalist)
Adam Morgan (finalist)
Mary Pat Cabrera (Host Club)
Peter Dampf (Host Club)
Marco Grangerio (Host Club)
David Lee (Host Club)
Graciela Montoya (Host Club)
Gregg Paolini (Host Club)
Heather Raymond (Host Club)
Melissa Straub (Host Club)
Mary Pat Cabrera (co-chair)
Peter Dampf (co-chair)
Marco Grangerio (co-chair)
David Lee (co-chair)
Graciela Montoya (co-chair)
Gregg Paolini (co-chair)
Heather Raymond (co-chair)
Melissa Straub (co-chair)