Jack Davis Cartoons

Jack Davis Cartoons

Classic Platform Tennis cartoons by renown MAD Magazine cartoonist Jack Davis - price on request


Born in 1924, Jack Davis is one of the best-known American illustrators of the past fifty years and was inducted into The Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 2003.. During his illustrious career, he created art for magazine covers, film posters, record jackets, advertisements, and books. Perhaps he is most admired for his work in MAD Magazine.

In the platform tennis world, he is famous for his zany drawings that feature outlandish characters on the court. During the 1970’s, he created ten widely distributed platform tennis prints. A former Scarsdale resident, Davis played platform tennis socially at the Scarsdale Golf Club. Although he claims that he didn’t base his characters on anyone specific, it is hard not to identify with each of them.

Size and Media:
Custom printed on fine art paper
Either 10X12″ or 11X14″.
Other media and sizes available
Cost is $36 for the 10X12 and $45 for the 11X14.
S&H extra
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