Custom Reproductions of Iconic Sticker Painting

Custom Reproductions of Iconic Sticker Painting

Artist's rendition of a game being played in the mid-1970s at the “home” of the game, Fox Meadow Tennis Club, Scarsdale, NY was done by the renown marine artist Robert E. Sticker (1923-2011) under commission from Charles Millard the CEO of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company (CCBCNY) of New York in 1976.

The painting was given by CCBCNY to the APTA in 1980.

A digital image of exceptional quality has been made of the painting allowing museum quality copies to be in various sizes. Gallery wrapped canvas is the standard print medium as it provides a look similar to the original painting.


Robert E. Sticker
40″ x 30″ – $525 (size of original);
32″ x 24″ – $400;
28″ x 21″ – $325;
24″ x 14″ – $250;
16″ x 12″ – $200;
12″ x 9″ – $150
S&H extra
Gallery wrap canvas prints come in 3/4″ and 1.5″ edge thicknesses.
The thinner option is ideal for framing.
The thicker one is perfect for hanging as is.
Note: The image is not wrapped around the edges.
The edges can be custom colored to match the surrounding decor where the picture is hung.
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