2003 Viking Cup Child/Adult Tournament to be the last; the goal had been to get more kids playing and it had succeded

David Kjeldsen, CEO, of Viking Athletics, announced that the recently completed 2003 Viking Cup will be the last for the Child/Adult Tournament. Asked why such a well respected tournament is being stopped, Kjeldsen responded:

“The Viking Cup was started eight years ago in an attempt to get more young people on the courts. At the time, there were few outlets for kids to play platform tennis. We felt that if we could get the adults involved, we could get the kids on the courts. We’ve more than accomplished that goal. More kids are playing than ever before. We’d like to put our emphasis now on kids playing with kids. The Viking Junior Tour is gaining momentum and we’d like to increase our support in that area. In addition, we are exploring with a number of platform tennis communities around the country starting a Viking Junior Platform Tennis League, with much the same format as the adult leagues have. For our wonderful sport to survive, we all must support the juniors. Juniors are the future of the game and Viking is as committed as ever to support them.”

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 5, Issue 3, January 2004