APTA President John Horine reports on developments

Horine’s column in PTM, From the APTA…, had this update:

“The Board of the APTA has had a busy summer getting ready for this season. Beginning with the magazine you hold in your hands, there are many subtle and not so subtle changes.

With constructive criticism from you, our members, the layout, typeface and printer have changed. The mailing will be timelier and we have added a new department, sports psychology. All will hopefully make for a first class magazine.

The web site has also changed. Visit us at www.platformtennis.org. We have added several more categories. Check out the “National Champions.” How many times have Scott and Flip won? Or how many National titles do Bill and Dave Childs have?

Look up the “Hall of Fame” to see who has been awarded the highest honor in our game.

This year each Region will have its own page under “Regions” to post local news, promote a tournament, or just brag about the play in their area. The most exciting is the addition of the instructional video clips!”

Source: From the APTA, Platform Tennis Magazine Vol.2 Issue 1, September, 2000