Viking Introduces The ‘Wired’ Paddle – aerospace technology comes to the game

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The Wired 12/4 paddle is an exceptionally lightweight paddle with an average weight of 12.4 ounces. Its components consist of an aerospace-derived biaxially-woven, graphite-reinforced foam core; a highly textured two-ply cross-matched fiberglass skin; and a high-tempered aluminum full metal jacket. While designed for the two-handed backhand player, it remains a central-weighted, center-balanced paddle.

The Wired 13/6 has an average weight of 13.6 ounces and is slightly head weighted. Two years in the making, the Wired paddles have been tournament tested by some of the game’s premier players. “Get Wired…Play Platform!”

Source: From the APTA, Platform Tennis Magazine Vol.2 Issue 1, September, 2000