LIPTA donates $24,000 to charities after hosting 2002 Nationals

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As the result of a very successful fund raising effort in connection with its conducting of the National Championships of platform tennis for men and women last March, the Long Island Platform Tennis Association was able to distribute $24,000 to three local charities.

The beneficiaries were the Family and Children’s Association, the Interfaith Nutrition Network, and Rotacare. Each received an $8,000 share of the contribution.

“A large portion of the contributions came from the individual members of LIPTA who participate in the sport during the fall and winter seasons,” indicated General Chairman Charles Vasoll. Several corporate sponsors enlisted by Director of Finance, Duane Hayden, also helped make the event a financial success. Leading that list was the AON Corporation. Other corporate sponsors deserving of mention were The Island Financial Group, First American Title Insurance Company of New York, National Land Tenure Company LLC, and Graphic Technology, Inc.

Viking Athletics Ltd. also made a significant contribution. Viking CEO, David Kjeldsen reduced costs by donating team uniforms for President’s Cup players and providing all balls for the events.

“As it was when it was previously held on Long Island in 1992, the event was a success socially, athletically, and financially,” Vasoll stated. He concluded, “We just hope that another decade won’t have to pass until LIPTA can sponsor the competition again.”

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 4, Issue 1, September, 2002