Paddle’s hotest new site

Westchester native Bob Considine teamed up with famed Chicago web designer Geoffrey Johnson (Lands End, JCrew) in late 2001 to create what was to become the hottest platform tennis web site of 2002 –

Considine originally intended for the web site to simply be a value-added service to the men and women he taught paddle to; however, the Westchester Platform Tennis Association saw the in-progress site and requested to have their league/tournament information included. The Sound Shore Invitational soon after became the first tournament to register 100% of player entries through the web via credit card.

Shortly after the WPTL signed on, members began requests for an online paddle store to purchase items such as balls, paddles, trophies, and team logo-printed clothing. “We will continue to expand the website as long as it is positively adopted by the paddle community and people wish to financially support it through the online store,” Considine explained. He added, “In other words, if people continue to support paddlepro, we will continue to improve it.”

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 4, Issue 2, November, 2002