Men’s National Rankings – Rules and Guidelines revised

The men’s ranking system has been revised for this season. In addition, the APTA has added Live Scoring to more tournaments, so rankings are now updated more frequently.

Men’s Doubles National Rankings will be published online after Chicago, Hinsdale, Cincinnati, Short Hills, and Nationals.

To receive an official end-of-the-year ranking, a team must play 3 events together, with one of those events outside of their home region. Nationals is considered an out-of-region event no matter its location and is the only NRT with this designation.

NRT points for a specific tournament exist for 12 months and are replaced by the following year’s event.

Removal of any earned NRT points due to rules infractions or punishment for player behavior will be enforced as instructed by the APTA Players Committee.

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Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 16 Issue 2, 2014