New President’s Cup Procedures

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The format for the President’s Cup has been in flux ever since it started back in the 1970s (Men) and 1980s (Women). There was yet another tweak to the popular Tournament in 2014.

Region VIII has been eliminated. This changes the match play format back to a seven-team round robin, where matches are best of two sets to four games.

No one ranked individually in the top 16 may play in the President’s Cup.

There are new line-up and points system regulations. Please see below for the full explanation.

If a player is invited to play for his home region, he is not eligible to play for Region VIII.

Line-ups and subs will not have to be submitted prior to the event. A list of participants is still required. The designation of players as “subs” or “Court 1″ will no longer be necessary in advance of the event.

Captain’s will exchange line-ups prior to each round.

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Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 16 Issue 2, 2014