Platform Tennis marks it’s 75th anniversary

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 5, Issue 1, September, 2003

The first platform was built in Scarsdale, NY and was ready for play in late November, 1928.

Initially it was used for badminton and deck tennis but the discovery, soon afterwards, of the racquets and balls used in paddle tennis1 lead to the creation of the game we know today.

Despite a number of experiments with modifying the physical dimensions of the court over the years the court configuration adopted by the Founders has stood the test of time, as did the one-serve rule and playing the ball off the wires.

For more details on the initial experiments with the game please see The Early Years 1928-1934.

Note 1: Paddle Tennis was developed by the Reverend Frank P. Beal as a child in Albion MI. Later in life when he had moved to New York City and was the Associate Minister of the Judson Memorial Church he introduced the game to New York City playgrounds in the early 1920s