Player Profiles: “The Dagger” Men – Jonathan Lubow and Steve DeRose

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What's in Jon Lubow's bag???
Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 10, Issue 4, February, 2009

Jonathan Lubow

Hometown: Randolph, NJ
Spouse and Kids: Wife: Jessica. Daughters: Caroline (8), Katie (5)
Hobbies: Gardening, Golf, Skiing
Personal Note: Wrote Options on Futures: New Trading Strategies
Paddle used: The National
Favorite shot: The “Dagger”
Sports experience: Played tennis in high school
Team accomplishments: 2006 and 2009 NJ State champs, 2008 Chicago Charities champions

Platform tennis partner history: “I used to play with Chip Dyer. He moved to Colorado four years ago and I hooked up with Steve.”

How do you train for the season: “I do not train. I try to play all year round. Night paddle in summer is great.”

Nutritional regimen, vitamins, stretching, etc.: “I drink Gatorade and I never stretch.”

When did you start playing platform tennis? “After College. Charlie Stevens (Paddle Legend) got me into the game.”

What do you like most about platform tennis? “Fun, exercise, and camaraderie.”

How did you partner with Steve DeRose? “Steve is the tennis pro at our club (Morristown Field Club). He just took up the game five years ago. I was captain of our team and played the first doubles court. He was playing the 4th court. When my partner moved away, I pulled Steve up to be my partner.”

How would you like to do in the 2009 Nationals: “In the 2008 Nationals, we lost badly to Caldwell and Cordish in the round-of-16. In the future, we would like to do better.”

Future goals: “Be a good husband and father.”

Steve DeRose

Hometown: Morristown, NJ
Hobbies: Golf, Reading, Skiing, Gym, Thinking, and Photography
Paddle used: Wilson K Boom
Favorite shot: Any shot that ends the point
Started playing paddle: After lunch one day with Drew Broderick
Paddle partner history: Paul Marshall, Bill Maxwell, Sean Flanigan, Carol Kimmelman, Jonathan Lubowmirsky
Sports accomplishments and experience: MHHS one-on-one basketball tournament winner, Rutgers Keller Cup, Men’s B National Finalist, A-10 All-Conference Men’s Tennis

How do you train for the season? “By doing the opposite of what Jon does… eating right, Beekram yoga, Pilates, boxing, weight training. I am also into Vapor, routines in which you prehab the body before stretching.”

Why do you play paddle? “It is an incredible community of fun, exceptional, competitive people playing an equally remarkable humbling game.”

How did you meet up with Jon? ” Jon’s partner Chip Dyer happened to be moving the year after I started playing.”

How would you like to do in the 2009 National? I would be really happy with any result that came out of playing consistently tough, aggressive paddle.

Future goals: ” I would like to continue to enjoy the challenge of playing our best in the biggest moments. As an instructor, I would like to continue making the most challenging parts of the game accessible to those who want to learn it.”