President’s Cup: Region IV women and Region II men capture the Cups

Women’s President’s Cup: The Women’s President’s Cup took place on Thursday, March 13. Top women from six of the seven APTA regions competed for the prestigious cup. For the third time in four years, the Region IV women (Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toronto) won the title.

The team players included: Nancy Budde – Nathalie Lemieux, Holly Peck – Karen Henke, Lynn Thompson – Chrissy Johnson, Kathy Allen – Ann Turner, and Sandra Odenbach – Vicki Nagy.

Men’s President’s Cup: On Friday morning, while the women were taking to the courts for their main draw first round matches, the men were playing their President’s Cup matches. For the second time in the Cup’s 32-year history the Region II men won the event. The last time they did it was… in 2007!

The team players included: Bill and Leo Power, Jerry Albrikes, Greg Bennett, Rob Pierce, Johan du Randt, Matt Dana, Jeff Mitchell, Marc Porter and Peter Harvey.

Source: Platform Tennis Magazine, Vol. 9, Issue 5, May, 2008