Should the service box be lengthened??

A platform tennis enthusiast and owner of Peters Creek Paddle Club in Library, PA, F. Jay Smith had given a great deal of study to the subject of the platform tennis serve. The APTA Board decided that his thoughts and his proposal for change merited consideration, and solicited feedback through Platform Tennis News.

Smith’s analysis suggested that the service box be lengthened a minimum of 6 inches and perhaps as much as 9-12 inches. He argued that the current size of 12′ x 8′ was too confining and, since it was possibly arrived at arbitrarily, it should be subject to change.

Of the more than 2,500 copies of the newsletter mailed to the membership, seven were returned to the APTA Office: five in favor of lengthening the service box, and two opposed. Based on such an underwhelming response to the proposal, the Board determined that there was not enough interest to warrant further consideration. Those who favored a change would just have to work on improving their serves!

Source: Platform Tennis News, November 1982 and June 1983